Adios Nica- Our favorite photos

February 13, 2013

I was truly devastated to leave Nicaragua- it is a place that has burrowed itself deep into my heart.  Justin, I know was sad to leave because he became so enamored of the local rice and beans dish - Gallo Pinto.  For me,  the Jamaican version "Rice and Peas" made with coconut milk and not fried will always be the superior dish.  It's not the food I'll miss- it's the folks. 

We had the chance to tour the whole country- with workshops and concerts in Managua, Leon, Masatepe and Mayagalpa. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from Nica.

The Beautiful Colonial City of Leon-  Hotttttt

At Volcan Masaya-  This is the future album cover for Drew's gospel album "Flatbush Faith"

Gray's first Coco on a Volcano-  big moment

It took days to get the sulfur taste out of our mouths...worth it

Drew versus the Volcano

Ezra and Drew living on the edge

The view from my Microphone at the soundcheck in Mayagalpa- that's Sandino standing in the back.

Basillica,  Leon

Church of Masonry

Drew and I spent our last morning with a dear friend from Barrio Maximo Jerez- Mamita.

Jamming with local legend from the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua- Philip Montalban

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