Welcome To Honduras! Video: "Aurora" with Saxs De Honduras

February 19, 2013

Sad to leave Nica- but there's no looking back on this tour.  We're in Honduras- Nicaragua's neighbor to the North.  Much has been made of the instability and crime in the metropolitan areas here and it is a sad reality that the drug trade and gangs have reeked havok throughout this nation and the region. However, we've been hanging out with musicians and artists, who have better things to do than think about violence, let alone engage in it.

We collaborated with one of the premier musical groups in the country "Saxs De Honduras" on this traditional melody called "Aurora." 

That's me playing the Guira I picked up in Dominican Republic.  I'm displaying my allegiance to its home country in my spelling- the rest of the latin world calls this thing a "Guir(o)" but in Dominican Republic where women seem to dominate everyone's fascination :)  they decided it's feminine.

You can hear what i'm paying because this thing is 20 times louder than any instrument on earth.  How i'm drowning out 5 saxs, drums, congas and timbales is insane to me.

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