CC Band on tour in Saudi Arabia!

June 23, 2014

Association for American Voices sent us across the world to share the joy of American roots music with the poeple of Saudi Arabia.  This was a TRIP

In a country so different from our own we found common ground at our shows.  Saudis know how to rock- these were some of the wildest shows we've ever played abroad.  We met many warm, open and interested folks who were eager to share their rich culture and to hear about our experience in the country.  I'll let many of our favorite pics tell the story:

well...that's not new york 


A scary immigration form...


Yes please


MangoSteen   Pianist, Singer and my dear friend-  Justin Levine





The Great Abu Seraj band shared their incredible talents and second hand marlboro smoke with us.


A young, female poet shares her work with a local crowd at our show in Dammam...  unexpected and enlightening.

Our jolly tour guide Ali


Me and Dru.M getting outfitted for desert life


Geoff Countryman- sax.


Dru.M with little tiny tea




Soundchecking in Dammam


Setting up for a huge blowout concert in Riyadh




Dru in the Desert


We played for these sweet kids in a WONDERFUL school for children with special needs called the HELP center.  Highlight of the tour

setting up in Jeddah.




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